Cloning Objects

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When you clone an object, you create a copy of an object that is linked to the original. Any changes you make to the original object are reflected automatically in the clone. Changes you make to the clone are not automatically reflected in the original, however. You can remove changes made to the clone by reverting to the original.

Cloning lets you modify multiple copies of an object simultaneously by changing the master object. This type of modification is especially useful if you want the clone and master objects to differ by certain properties, such as fill and outline color, but want the master object to control other properties, such as shape.

If you simply want to use the same object in a drawing multiple times, consider using symbols, instead of clones, to keep the file size manageable. For more information about symbols.

Cloning Objects

To clone an object :

1. Select an object.
2. Click Edit Clone.

You can also ;

Select the master object of a clone Right-click the clone, and click Select master.
Select the clone objects of a master Right-click the master, and click Select clones.

• You can clone a master object multiple times, but you cannot clone a clone.

To revert to the master object of a clone

1. Right-click a modified clone, and click Revert to master.
2. Enable any of the following check boxes:

Clone fill — restores the master fill attributes
Clone outline — restores the master outline attributes
Clone path shape — restores the master shape attributes
Clone transformations — restores the master shape and size attributes
Clone bitmap color mask — restores the master color settings
• Only the clone properties that are different from the master object are available in the Revert to master dialog box.

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