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Title Bar
Program title is a line containing the name of AutoCAD files that are each aktif.Fasilitas standard application windows

Menu Bar
Containing pull-down menu

Standard Toolbar
Basic commands are like other programs, such as New File, Save, Copy, many more others.

Buttons containing the commands used in AutoCAD for the AutoCAD cepat.Toolbar many were in the group according to their functions using the toolbar masing.Untuk the other, simply click on the right only in one of the toolbar.

Crosshairs Cursors
To identify the mouse movement in the drawing area, position the cursor where berada.Untuk raise the view cursor CURSORSIZE we can type in the command window, then press enter, enter the value you want the cursor.

UCS Icon
Symbol that indicates the direction of X axis coordinates penggambaran.sumbu to the right, while the Y facing upwards (2D drawing)

Command Window
In this place we can enter the command through keyboard.Contoh we want to make a line, then our friends, or simply type in the letter before it (L).

Status Bar
Located on the bottom of the AutoCAD menu that shows the coordinates information and settings that work at the time we make a representation, such as grid, snap, Ortho

"The Practical Guide AutoCAD Print" paper Ir.Kasim
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