Familiarizing AutoCAD

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AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) is one of the application programs used to assist delineation technic. AutoCAD already present since 1964, but still use 1982 start with boundaries. Known CAD system on the PC called AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is not only used for architectural, civil, or mechanical. This Program software can also be added with a special software called a 3rd party software (autoYacht, AutoCAD MAP, CAD-sew, and others).

AutoCAD provides ease-ease in the process of drawing can also to make a plan of it. AutoCAD also replacing work that takes a long time, for example, delete, repeat etc. Keep in mind, AutoCAD can not create an image, the user is the one who's got a role in making an image. Autocad only as a tool aid only.

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