3-D Special Effects

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You can apply three-dimensional special effects to an image to create the illusion of depth.

The Three-Dimensional special effects are :

3-D rotate — lets you rotate an image by adjusting an interactive, three-dimensional model

Bevel effect — lets you create the appearance of a raised surface by applying a sloped edge along an editable area.

Cylinder — shapes an image into a cylinder.

Emboss — transforms an image into a relief, with details appearing as ridges and crevices on a flat surface. You can choose the embossing color or depth, as well as the direction of the light source.

Glass — places a three-dimensional, glass-like surface over an editable area. You can specify the width of the bevel, the area that is slanted to produce the three-dimensional look, the sharpness of the bevel's edges, and the angle at which the light is bent at the edges. You can also specify the brightness, direction, and angle of the light that strikes the bevel. The Glass effect lets you apply preset styles and create custom preset styles.

Page curl — makes one of the corners of an image roll in on itself. You can specify a corner and set the curl orientation, transparency, and size. You can also choose a color for the curl and the background that is exposed where the image curls away from the paper.

Perspective — gives an image three-dimensional depth, as if the image recedes into the distance. You can also skew an image into different shapes.

Pinch/punch — warps an image by pinching it toward you or punching it away from you. You can position the effect by setting a center point.

Sphere — wraps an image around the inside or outside of a sphere. You can set a center point around which an image wraps, and you can control the wrapping. Positive values expand the central pixels toward the edges of an image resulting in a convex shape. Negative values compress pixels toward the center of an image resulting in a concave shape.

The Boss — raises the area of the image that falls along the edges of a mask. You can specify the width, height, and smoothness of the raised edge, as well as the brightness, sharpness, direction, and angle of the light sources. The Boss effect lets you apply preset styles and create custom preset styles.

Zig zag — creates waves of straight lines and angles that twist an image outward from an adjustable center point. You can choose the type of waves and specify their number and strength.

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