How to Copy an Image

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I. Click the item you want to copy, then hit ctrl + c object will directly get copied.

II. To Copy something with a distance

- Set the value of x and y contained in the duplicate distance
- Select the object by using the pick tool
- Press the ctrl + D on your keyboard
- The object will copied accordance with the distance that has been set, do hit the ctrl + D to the next object.

III. Select the object by using the pick tool, then drag the object
- Press shifts to get the mouse resistant of the image.
- Press the shift key, then click the right mouse button.
- If the object that we will be a straight copy laterally or upwards then use ctrl key as well.

IV. After the third wa,y you can make a copy with the same distance with the first object in the copy how you press the ctrl + R on the keyboard.

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