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There's no job to write something from any PTR in the middle of this month, I was looking for a new paid review brokers. There is this new broker paid review, I do not know much about them until I googling for a while and the answer quite satisfy me.

Advertise on blogsThere can be $1, $4 and even $5. The criteria for writing a task from them is served until they accept our blog sign-up.. and honestly we get a bonus from that. It's pretty well for a beginning.. that's they called sign-up bonus.

How to play in this PTR is not much different from other PTR similar we've found in internet, we have a list there. The minimum payout is $50. The spirit of the program is 1 review, because he also received a 0 blog PR just like this KomputerGrafis90, we hope that this advertise on blogs broker is not a scam at all, but after reading and reading from other blogs, they absolutely get paid ... well, we'll see.

So that might just that I can share, I want to try to learn first, if it's nothing new I can post more about And for you who are interested, come join.

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